Traditional wedding invitations have always been written in a formal setting with proper punctuation, spelling out proper nouns, the date and the time of your invitation. Many couples choose to still go this route when it comes to creating their invitations.

Recently over on our Instagram page, it was brought to my attention that this isn’t as simple as one might think. Today we’ll cover how to properly write out the date for your wedding invitations in a formal fashion. 

First one must realize that the way words are written in British English versus English in the United States are completely separate. Traditionally wedding invitations tend to favor the British Version of English which is why you may see “the honour of your presence” instead of “the honor of your presence”. Either form is completely acceptable in today’s time but make sure you’re not using a combination of the two versions of the English language. 

For Couples Using British English: 

two thousand and twenty

two thousand and twenty-one

two thousand and twenty-two

two thousand and twenty-three

two thousand and twenty-four

two thousand and twenty-five

two thousand and twenty-six

two thousand and twenty-seven

two thousand and twenty-eight

two thousand and twenty-nine

two thousand and thirty

Source: Rosemood.Co.Uk

For Couples Using USA English:

two thousand twenty

two thousand twenty-one

two thousand twenty-two

two thousand twenty-three

two thousand twenty-four

two thousand twenty-five

two thousand twenty-six

two thousand twenty-seven

two thousand twenty-eight

two thousand twenty-nine

two thousand thirty


Couples with informal or modern writing

twenty twenty

twenty twenty-one

twenty twenty-two

twenty twenty-three

twenty twenty-four

twenty twenty-five

twenty twenty-six

twenty twenty-seven

twenty twenty-eight

twenty twenty-nine

twenty thirty

Ultimately the choice of wording is completely up to you and your fiance. The beauty of personalized invitations, like ours, is that if you want to change the wording from formal to informal or informal to formal, we can. But it is important to remember, when writing your invitations it is important to keep the same style of writing throughout the invitation, response, and enclosure cards.